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Beautiful days


Summer 2012
It might have been short lived but the feeling of pure content was there and i had the chance to experience it. Teenage love/like; the text messaging, kissing, taking complements and hearing what i wanted to hear. I did experience it and I will always remember that special summer.  It will always bring a smile to my face and it will remind me that fantasies do happen.

The  daydream that came true, but better than what I expected with a hint of reality. Before; I would only wish he would catch feelings for me. Back when we used to walk out to the buses together. Especially the time we walked through the pitch dark exit and all I could think of was ‘hold my hand, dam it!’ Imagining romantic  scenarios. Hoping and wishing we could be. I would have never! Ever! expect what happened and I think that is what made it extra special and magical.

I remember the 1st night we hanged out. The flat tire, Wal-Mart. the carwash, talking ALL night. Walking to school so early in the morning and going home hrs later.

I literally had no worries, and I didn’t even get self conscious. When we walked to school from his ghetto-ass neighborhood at 2am; I had NO worries. Just walking with him, listening, talking…..I felt protected (like a gun fire wouldn’t startle me)

The best part of all of that, was the perfect sleep. Going to bed at a good time with out laying awake in bed for more than 2 mins. I literally went to sleep with nothing on my mind to keep me awake. I was complete (to my standards). I’ve always had a good family, food, shelter, clothes, education, friends  but all I was missing was a job and a boyfriend. That summer, for at least 3 weeks, I was content.

All of this happens because of a quick decision to yell out after him. I knew rite away it was him when I saw his impala followed by a glimpse of how he walked. It all happened sooo fast and my mouth spoke before my mind prossessed who it was. In a split one-second motion; I saw a guy walking from the playground, going towards the Impala. As soon as I caught the faint limp of his step my mouth yelled out ‘Gabriel’ with out confirming with my brain. He acknowledged me and we had a quick conversation. That was the beginning of something dangerous.

All in my feelings, late night thought,